Military Focused Real Estate Agents Can Guide Veterans Best

Buying a home is a little different for a veteran, especially when he or she finances with a VA mortgage. Any real estate agent can guide a service member through the purchase process. However, one with a military background may be a better fit.

Veterans need experience

VA loans come with unique eligibility requirements and a whole slew of benefits for those who have served our country. The right agent? They can show veterans how to best take advantage of those benefits – and ensure success every step of the way.

Typically, an agent who often works with military members has a team of experienced pros. This includes trustworthy VA lenders, veteran-friendly home inspectors and more. They understand VA appraisals – reports that are more detailed and stringent than traditional appraisals.

Finding the right properties

Often, veterans have unique needs. Some need adaptive housing for disabilities acquired during their service. Others may need homes free of PTSD triggers or other potential hazards.

As Twila Lukavich, an experienced military agent in Cleveland, puts it, “An agent who’s not attuned to these seemingly random requests might not be as careful and devoted to understanding how important these requirements are when selecting homes to show a veteran.”

Additionally, more experienced agents can help veterans find VA-approved condos, co-ops and town homes. This can often save time and heartache, according to Florida-based realtor Michael Garcia.

“You don’t want to visit a place and fall in love, then realize you’ve wasted time and possibly money because your agent didn’t do their research,” Garcia said.

Speeding things up

Military agents are also more accustomed to the speedy timelines many service members are dealing with. Buyers on active duty, for example, may need to purchase a property on just a few week’s notice. They may also be unable to tour the property or see it in person.

In these situations, the agent needs to act on their behalf, using tools like Skype and video chat to walk through homes and evaluate potential properties.

“The majority of my active-duty buyers do not have the option to make a trip in person to view the home, which puts a lot of additional stress on them,” Lukavich said. “I am literally their eyes and ears with the purchase of their new home.”

Meeting the right agent

For military home buyers, having the right real estate agent can be key. For help finding a military-experienced agent near you, contact us today.

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