The 4 Myths Preventing You From Becoming A Homeowner

If you are a Veteran looking to use your VA home loan benefits to become a home owner and are a bit confused about how to go about moving forward you are not alone. Our team has worked with Veterans for 20+ Years. By holding hundreds of VA Home Loan seminars, we have identified the 4 myths as to why Veterans are not using the VA Home Loan Program.

Credit Myth: Most Veterans feel that their credit is not good enough to be approved for a mortgage.
Truth: With our credit restoration program and affiliated VA mortgage bankers reviewing your credit, we are able fix and restore your credit so it is good to go.

Down Payment / Closing Costs Myth: – Veterans feel that they do not have enough money to take ownership of a house.
Truth: Not only is a VA Loan a no money down program but our VA approved mortgage bankers have methods of structuring your mortgage to include ALL of your closing costs. That being said, taking possession of a new home can be done with very little or no money at all.

Monthly Payment Myth: – Veterans feel that the mortgage payments will be too high.
Truth: In most situations when you factor in your tax savings as a homeowner your mortgage payments will be about the same as a rental payment. Additionally, if you buy a 2-4 family house you can use the rental income of the other units to offset your mortgage payment often leaving you paying less than you would for a rental.

The Process Is Too Confusing Myth: Veterans feel the process of the who, what, and where’s’ of how to begin the process to home ownership is overwhelming.
Truth: This is where VetsEDU has earned its reputation. There simply is NO OTHER Company that does what we do for the Veteran home buyer. Educating the Veteran on the process of becoming a homeowner is where we excel.

Through our VA Home Loan Benefits seminars and our personal consulting not only do we explain the VA Home Loan Program, we also show Veterans the process of becoming a homeowner.


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